Add git support for vim using fugitive – diff


Add git support for vim using fugitive [2: stage specific change] #

  • use diff to execute add --patch
  • stage only some of the unstaged changes
  • keep others in the working copy
  • update index file (index file needs to be saved)

Prerequisites #

  • change something in the working copy of a file
  • open status split (:Gstatus)
  • get diff for certain file (move to file in status split, press D)

1. add hunk from working copy to index #

  • this could be either added (Example 1), removed lines (Example 2) or edited lines (Example 3)
  • place cursor on the desired line
  • divide hunks by using visual selection :'<,'>diffput (if necessary)

OPTION 1: select index (left)

add hunk by running :diffget (shortcut: do)

OPTION 2: select working copy (right)

add hunk by running :diffput (shortcut: dp)

2. save index file #

by running :w

3. check status split #

  • status split should be realoaded automatically, if not type :e
  • if you have not added all changes, the file should appear twice
  • only some of the changes have been staged

4. review staged changes #

run :Git diff --cached % (similar to git diff --cached <file>) to list only staged changes for the file

5. commit and push changes #

:Gcommit and Gpush

Examples #

Example 1: stage added lines

Git stage changes added

Example 2: stage removed lines

Git stage changes removed

Example 3: stage edited lines

Git stage changes edited